Welcome to Culinary Underground

We believe that good eating and breaking bread with others are two of life’s greatest pleasures, and are at the heart of everyday cooking for family and friends.

The Asian Kitchen: One of many specialty classes.

Learn to select and prepare shellfish; prepare Asian noodles and dumplings; and the methods for steaming, shallow-frying, and stir-frying. The herbs, spices, and condiments that characterize Asian cuisines will be emphasized.

Chocolate Confections

Learn about selecting chocolate, tempering it, and making festive treats for giving – or eating by yourself!

How about a pizza party?

“I really enjoyed meeting Lori. She was great. Lori had an assistant Suzanne and she was also wonderful and helpful too. ful It is a beautiful kitchen with lots of room to move around and the group was very friendly and we were all talking while we worked. Very social….   Being a non-cook, learning how to do pizza dough from scratch was a bit scary but it was so easy. Lori helped me every step of the way but I did do it myself. The appetizers were extremely easy to follow.   - Linda

Love to bake? Try Baking Bootcamp.

“This class helped me conquer my fear of baking or anything that has flour or yeast in it. I would go again for baking classes. She shows techniques that are not found on tv shows or cook books. Lori makes it easy and fun.” - Ester

Join us for some fun!

Cook or bake, slice or dice, frost or flambe in a Culinary Underground Cooking Class!

Plan a very special evening.

2015 Summer in Tuscany! Join us as we eat and drink our way through the Tuscany Region of Italy.

Kids love to cook!

Join a Kid’s Class or plan your Birthday Party at Culinary Underground.

Enjoy a unique Team Building experience.

Share tasks and sharpen skills at a Corporate Team Building event.

Artisan Chocolate Master Course Certificate Program
Learn the science of chocolate from bean to bar. Master hand-tempering high-grade chocolate techniques, produce handcrafted artisan chocolate candies including ganache fillings, hand-dipped candies, molded bonbons, and truffles.
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