The Artisan Bread Series

Hands On
Sun  Oct 6
9:30 am-1:30 pm
Slots Available:

Join us for this three-session series and learn to make a variety of delicious artisan breads. The focus here is on selecting the right flour, the role of ingredients, and the mastery of simple techniques to ensure beautiful loaves every time – including how to determine when you’ve kneaded enough and how to tell when the bread is “done”. If you have never made bread, or haven’t had much luck with your bread baking, this class will change all that.

Tuition includes loaves to take home, a light lunch and beverages, and all the recipes and handouts.

Classes will meet the first Sunday of each month:

Artisan Bread- Session 1 (October 6)- Students will learn to make lean doughs including French bread and pullman; and create a sourdough starter to be used in the final class.

Artisan Bread-Session 2 (November 3)– Students will learn to make enriched doughs including brioche and cinnamon rolls; and learn how to “feed” their sourdough starter created in the first session.

Artisan Bread- Session 3 (December1)– Students will learn to make sourdough breads with their very own sourdough starter.