The Grilling Boot Camp

Hands On
Sat  Jun 3
9:00 am-4:00 pm
Slots Available:

Attention, grill newbies! We offer a special edition of our one-day Saturday workshop that will get you started outside at the grill.

Students will learn how about basic equipment, how to fire up the grill, the importance of multi-zone cooking to control temperatures, and learning to determine “doneness”. Students begin with a knife skills review, then work their way through the 12 essential recipes we believe every grill master should know – everything from grilling the perfect burgers to rubs, mops, and marinades. These recipes call for just a few simple ingredients and are open to lots of interpretations.

This class is great for anyone who has never had the nerve to light the grill – and that includes cooks who feel comfortable inside, but not in the open air! For more details, especially concerning your level of expertise, please give us a call.

You don’t need to bring anything – we provide an apron for use during class as well as plenty of take-away containers.

This is a rain or shine event (okay, if it’s a monsoon, we might reschedule…). Bring you fears and your appetite: we will quench both.

Note: Enrollment is limited; we want to keep the class small and focused!