Mastering Baking and Pastry – Beginner

Hands On
Sun  Feb 11
9:00 am-1:00 pm
Slots Available:
Class Full!

This four session series is designed for the novice home baker looking to learn the basics of the art of baking and pastry. Through hands-on baking and chef demonstrations, students learn the chemistry behind baking, as well as techniques used by professional bakers that we have adapted for home cooks. The skill level for this series is beginner to intermediate. This series is limited to 6 students.

Introduction to the Basics/February 11
Students learn about the chemistry of baking ingredients, the tools and equipment in the baking kitchen, and  the importance of mastering baking formulas. Students will apply this knowledge to prepare Shortbread Cookies, Cream Scones, Harlequin Souffle and Crème Anglaise.

Quick Breads and Small Breads/February 18
Mastery of “everyday” breads is essential for home and professional bakers. Students learn to work with ratios to create Muffins, Tea Bread, Biscuits, Soda Bread, Pound Cake, and Cobbler.

Pate a Choux/March 4
This is the most versatile dough in the baker’s recipe box, used for both sweet and savory creations. This dough is all about technique. Students will prepare Cream Puffs, Eclairs, Gougere, and Paris-Brest, as well as Pastry Cream and Lemon Curd fillings.

Cake Baking Basics/March 11
Students learn the creaming, one-stage, and two-stage mixing methods for blended cakes, as well as the the tecniques for sponge cake and its cousin, genoise. Cakes will be assembled with Swiss Buttercream or Chocolate Ganache.