Mastering Baking and Pastry – Intermediate

Hands On
Sun  Apr 8
9:00 am-1:00 pm
Slots Available:
Class Full!

This four-session series is designed for experience home bakers looking to improve and expand their baking skills. Through hands-on baking and chef demonstrations, students learn the chemistry behind baking, as well as techniques used by professional bakers that we have adapted for home cooks. The skill level for this series is intermediate to advanced. This series is limited to 6 students.

Yeast Dough/April 8
Students learn the intricacies of yeast by preparing both Basic Lean Dough and Basic Rich Dough, which will be used to prepare a variety of goods including Baguettes, Rolls, Pizza, Cinnamon Rolls, and Brioche.

Pies and Tarts/April 15
Two great crusts – Pate Brisee and Pate Sucre – will be used to prepare both pies and tarts. Students will also learn about laminated dough to make Puff Pastry, which will be used for a variety of sweet and savory pastries. Fillings and glazes for the finished tarts will also be covered.

The Basics of Chocolate/April 29
Students learn about chocolate and its unique properties, techniques for tempering dark, milk, and white chocolate, and methods for creating Truffles, Mendiants, and assorted Bon Bons.

Cake Decorating/May 6
Students get creative by baking and decorating their own cakes – leveling, filling, dirty-coating, frosting, and finishing. Buttercream, Fondant, Royal Icing, and other elements will be mastered.