Master the Basics- Intermediate

The Master the Basics Intermediate Series meets over six sessions. The series focuses on developing advanced culinary skills and introducing students to global flavor profiles as we delve into the use of herbs and spices.

Each week, our class will use a different cuisine as a starting point for learning more challenging techniques. If you’ve taken Master the Basics Beginner Series or if you are a seasoned cook wanting to learn more, join us!

Classes will meet consecutive Thursdays, except for the week of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Week 1:  The French Kitchen (October 22)– Students learn to deconstruct a whole chicken. Students will also learn to prepare French mother sauces such as hollandaise and mayonnaise. Knife skills will be reviewed in this class as well.
Week 2:  The Italian Kitchen (October 29)– Students will learn to make pasta and fresh ricotta cheese. Students will also prepare classic pesto and marinara sauces.
Week 3:  The Latin American Kitchen (November 5)– Students learn to prepare authentic dishes, using ingredients native to Latin America. This includes working with maize-based dishes; and preparing classic sauces such as mole and chimichurri.
Week 4:  The Indian Kitchen (November 12)– Students learn to work with lentils and legumes; use different types of curries; and make homemade naan.
Week 5:  The Asian Kitchen (November 19)– Students learn to prepare asian noodles and dumplings; and learn the methods for steaming, shallow-frying, and stir-frying.
Week 6: The American Kitchen (December 3)– In this session, students will focus on Southern cuisine, including gumbo, shrimp and grits, and mac and cheese using classic béchamel sauce.